Red Diamond Invisalign Provider and Specialist Orthodontist Dr. Semaan

Clear Smiles Orthodontics is a registered Red Diamond Invisalign provider, meaning Dr Semaan’s Robina practice is amongst a select few who represent Australia’s largest providers of Invisalign

Red Diamond is the highest provider status awarded to Dr. Semaan for achieving over 1000 Invisalign Treatments in one calendar.

Dr Semaan's unsurpassed experience as a Red Diamond Invisalign Provider

This recognition displays Dr. Semaan’s unsurpassed experience and expertise in performing Invisalign treatment on the Gold Coast.

In order for Invisalign providers to attain Super Elite status they must annually treat the following number of cases:

  • Red Diamond: Carries out more than 1000+ cases per year
  • Blue Diamond: Carries out more than 750+ cases per year
  • Black Diamond: Carries out more than 300+ cases per year
  • Diamond: Carries out more than 150+ cases per year
  • Platinum Elite: Carries out more than 80 cases per year
  • Platinum: Carries out more than 50 cases per year

What does Invisalign cost with a Red Diamond Status Provider?

Firstly, you need to understand what you’re paying for when it comes to Invisalign treatment. Invisalign aligners are made up of an advanced material that offers a complete customisation solution. This excellence in material combines so well with Dr. Semaan’s elite experience with Invisalign treatment and his attention to detail, that no other Invisalign provider on the Gold Coast has achieved more than Clear Smiles has.

Clear Smiles Orthodontics and Dr Semaan can offer a more comfortable aligner designed to optimize your time in modern orthodontics treatment starting from as little as $52 a week. Clear Smiles offer easy, zero interest and zero deposit payment plans for Invisalign treatment on the Gold Coast.

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