We Have the Solution to Make Sure Teens Are on Track With Invisalign Treatment: Dental Monitoring

At Clear Smiles Orthodontics we proudly offer Invisalign* as a practical alternative to traditional braces for those who want the many benefits that come with clear aligners, especially for teen patients who are asking for plastic aligners in greater numbers. Parents are understandably concerned that the many benefits that come along with Invisalign, also come with a downside: teens need to be committed to wearing their clear retainers 22 hours every single day to keep treatment on track. That’s why at Clear Smiles Orthodontics we have adopted Dental Monitoring, an advanced piece of orthodontic technology to monitor patient treatment from afar, at a much higher frequency than typical appointments allow. Dental Monitoring uses a mobile app that allows us to remotely detect orthodontic progress. Your teenager is prompted to send us a scan of her month using a special appliance. That scan is sent to our office where we analyze progress. If there is a problem, we can schedule an appointment to discuss what is happening and how to resolve the issue. If you’re worried that your child will not adhere to the strict schedule needed for Invisalign treatment, put your concerns to rest! With Dental Monitoring, we’ll be able to tell if your teen is wearing her clear appliances, or if they have lost their retainer and haven’t been wearing it at all. Remote monitoring will also be an incentive to keep your child on track. While we understand that you want your child to learn to be responsible for their dental health all on their own, this system gives you ease of mind while teaching them to be vigilant with Invisalign treatment. Dental Monitoring even makes their orthodontic treatment a little more fun. The Dental Monitoring app allows your teen to “gamify” and  “level up” their Invisalign treatment by checking in with our office to earn “points” from Dr. Steve. The better they do in treatment, the closer they get to achieving their goal! Are you considering Invisalign for your teen but afraid that treatment progress will suffer? Call Clear Smiles Orthodontics today to discuss how combining Dental Monitoring with Invisalign can help keep your child on track for a healthier, beautiful smile. Click here to schedule a free consultation – in-person or virtual – we’re excited to meet you.

*This product is not available for purchase by the general public. Always follow the directions for use.