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Retaining your beautiful smile

Wearing braces or a clear aligner is just part of your orthodontic treatment journey. To really be rewarded for your commitment to your treatment you need to spend time wearing a retainer to ensure your new smile stays as we’ve created it. 

What is a retainer?

A retainer looks a bit like a clear aligner and sits over your teeth, keeping them in their newly straightened position until the tissue in your jaw has settled down after treatment. Initially, you’ll be required to wear your retainer day and night, but after several months you’ll only need to wear it at night. 

At Clear Smiles we can also fit our patients with a fixed retainer, a small wire that is fitted to the back of your teeth and holds them in position.


The most important phase of treatment

Retainers are often deemed the most important phase of orthodontic treatment because if you don’t wear them your teeth could slip back into their original position, undoing all of your – and our – hard work. 

Your retainer is part of your overall treatment journey so is included in your customised treatment quote. 


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