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Propel Pro5

Whether having orthodontic treatment with Invisalign aligners or Insignia braces you can speed up your estimated treatment time by up to 40% and show off your brand new smile sooner, all thanks to Propel Pro5.

What is Propel Pro5?

Propel Pro5 is a small, hands-free orthodontic device which uses gentle vibrations to stimulate and speed up tooth movement. Simply place the device in your mouth and bite down just hard enough to keep it in place for 5 minutes per day. The device will switch off automatically and track your session. These micro-vibrations will allow faster movement of the teeth safely.

  • Propel Pro5
  • Propel Pro5
  • Propel Pro5

How long does Propel Pro5 take?

Using Propel Pro with aligners or braces can speed up treatment time by up to 40%. And all it requires is to wear the device for 5 minutes a day.

What are the benefits of Propel Pro5?

In addition to speeding up treatment time, Propel Pro5 can also reduce the amount of discomfort associated with orthodontic treatment and therefore make treatment more comfortable. 

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