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Orthodontic treatment for adults

Orthodontic treatment is suitable for everyone, no matter what stage of life you’re at. At Clear Smiles Orthodontics, most of our patients are adults who feel the time is right to invest in their smile. Beautifully straight teeth and a stunning smile contribute to better overall health and greater levels of self-confidence and any time is right for that!

Who benefits from treatment?

Just because your teeth have stopped growing, doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from orthodontic treatment. In fact, the majority of our patients are adults who didn’t receive treatment when they were younger (and wished they did) or need a second course of treatment after their teeth have moved since wearing braces as teenagers. Others simply want to improve their smile for aesthetic reasons.

We can treat them all – and get great results in doing so!

Orthodontic treatment for adults

Types of treatment

As an adult patient, you are most likely to meet the criteria of almost all the different types of treatments we offer, though we will advise you on the most beneficial one for you at your initial consultation.

Whether you require major or minor orthodontic work, your treatment journey is most likely to start with either Invisalign aligners or braces:

  • Invisalign - the aligners which are used in the Invisalign system are virtually invisible so no-one will know you’re receiving treatment. Invisalign also offers a number of fast treatment options.
  • Braces–we use two distinct brands of braces: Insignia and Damon. The technology in both of these types of braces makes them comfortable appliances to wear.

Orthodontic treatment for adults

Orthodontics vs veneers

Before you make a decision, get the facts about dental veneers.

Orthodontics Veneers
Your own teeth: Orthodontics involves straightening your own teeth and correcting your bite. If properly maintained, orthodontic treatment will last a lifetime. Irreversible enamel stripping: The entire front surface of the tooth’s enamel usually has to be removed to allow the veneer to be glued to your tooth. This process is irreversible.
Lower overall cost: Although orthodontic treatment may cost slightly more than veneers, the results can last a lifetime, meaning that the total cost is significantly lower. Veneers are a temporary solution: Because veneers are made of a very thin material, they have a tendency to chip and break. Whenever this happens, they need to be repaired or replaced, which can be an expensive process.
Invisible during treatment: With modern invisible orthodontics, you can get permanent orthodontic treatment using clear, removable aligners instead of metal braces. Limited life span: Even if they don't chip or break, veneers have a life span of 5-12 years depending on the quality of the veneer. At this point, you will have no choice but to replace the veneers.
Healthier alternative: In addition to the cosmetic benefits of orthodontic treatment, there are also health issues that should be considered. Crooked teeth can increase your risk of gum disease and studies have shown that gum disease increases your risk of developing heart disease. Veneers can not always achieve the ideal outcome: Veneers effectively work by masking an underlying dental or orthodontic problem. In many instances it is not possible to mask gapped or misaligned teeth.
  Most importantly: Veneers are purely cosmetic and do nothing to address the health problems associated with the teeth or bite.

As you can see, dental veneers are a temporary solution that have life-long consequences and will cost you significantly more money in the long run than addressing the underlying issue.

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Orthodontic treatment for adults