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Orthodontic "Emergencies". 

The following is intended to provide general information regarding some of the more common orthodontic problems. They are designed to get you comfortable until you can contact us. If you are unable to get yourself comfortable, please seek follow-up care with Dr Semaan, your dentist, or physician for more specific instructions.

We call them emergencies, but in reality they are usually just uncomfortable situations and it can usually wait a few days or even weeks. Emergencies for patients in braces or invisalign tend to be relatively infrequent and usually pretty mild. Nevertheless, they can be uncomfortable but can usually be fixed quite easily.

Listed below are some of the more common problems and some possible solutions to deal with the situation on a temporary basis until you can get in touch with us for an appointment.

If you have any questions - please call 5593 3733. For after hours problems, please make sure you have first checked these solutions, if you can't find relief, please email aj@clearsmilesorthodontics.com.au 


Orthodontic pain or discomfort
Mouth sores
Poking wire
Swollen gums
Broken braces
Loose appliance
Lost/broken retainers
Loose expander appliance
Swallowing braces and appliances
Lost Spacers or separators
Lost aligners
How to take photos at home

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