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Dental monitoring - straight teeth are just a selfie away

At Clear Smiles Orthodontics we love getting the very best teeth straightening results for our patients, and the way we go about this is clear – we use the latest orthodontic techniques and technology available.

One of these pieces of technology is dental monitoring – an app on your smartphone that enables us to track your treatment from afar. This software means we can keep in regular communication with you but you don’t need to come into the clinic for checkups.

Dental monitoring allows you to work, travel, play, and enjoy life… all while having orthodontic treatment.

How does dental monitoring work?

Dental monitoring is a piece of software that we have here in the Clear Smiles clinic. When you come in for your initial appointment at the beginning of your treatment journey, we’ll plan your treatment so we know where your teeth should be at any given time.

Once you’ve been fitted with your customised appliance, we just need to monitor how your teeth are moving and responding to treatment. This is usually done at your six weekly check up appointments, but now you can do it via the dental monitoring app.

Every week, you need to take a selfie of your smile (we’ll show you how as there is a trick to it) and send it to us via the dental monitoring app on your smartphone. We’ll compare it against the treatment plan we have here in the clinic and if your teeth are where they should be, there’s no need to come in for an appointment.

5 reasons we love dental monitoring

Not since Invisalign aligners came onto the orthodontic scene has there been such a revolutionary advancement in the way we can deliver results to our patients. We’ve been incredibly impressed with the ease and accuracy of the dental monitoring app.

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Here are five other reasons why we love it!

  • With fewer check up appointments to put in your diary, dental monitoring makes it easier to fit orthodontic treatment into your schedule.
  • Once you get the hang of taking the selfie so we can see your teeth, the app is really easy to use.
  • We’ve noticed that dental monitoring has achieved extremely accurate treatment results for our patient. The regular monitoring ensures we can track the movement of your teeth and take a more proactive approach to your treatment.
  • The secret to treatment success is working in partnership. We can do all we can from the clinic but in between your appointments, the responsibility is yours. Dental monitoring means we can keep in regular communication, so if you ever have a question about your treatment, just send it to us via the app!
  • It’s great for keeping teens on track with their treatment, something the parents of our teen patients love to hear. Weekly selfies means we can make sure teens are following our instructions and wearing their appliance as they should.

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Start your journey to straighter teeth today

If you’ve been wanting to have orthodontic treatment for a while, but the logistics of coming into the clinic for regular check ups has put you off, dental monitoring is your answer. So now there’s no reason not to have orthodontic treatment.

Our team here at Clear Smiles Orthodontics on the Gold Coast, would love to further explain the benefits of dental monitoring and show you just how easy it is to have orthodontic treatment. So, book your free consultation with our team today. It’s the smart way to have orthodontic treatment!

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