The Rising Value of Convenience- our response.

The rising value of convenience

As healthcare providers increasingly treat patients like consumers, it’s undeniable that the biggest trend in healthcare in general, and dentistry in particular, is convenience. Today’s patients expect to be able to access services around the clock, get help when they need it, and communicate directly with dentists. That’s why convenience is one of several hot topics in dentistry and one of the latest trends in dentistry.

Convenience in dentistry looks like this for Clear Smiles patients:

Online consultation bookings a rising value of convenience response

As one of the first orthodontic practices on the Gold Coast to provide a custom built online booking system for new patients, Clear Smiles Orthodontics  allows new patients to schedule appointments online and fill out intake paperwork at their leisure 24/7

100's of FAQ's A Rising Value Of Convenience Response

Available 24/7 and filled with  over 140 answers to frequently asked questions relating to orthodontic treatment, the Clear Smiles Resource centre caters for both new and existing patients of Dr. Semaan’s.

Remote Monitoring

Extensive use of remote dentistry technology that allows patients to progress through treatment faster from the comfort of their home and direct message Dr. Semaan and the team.

Conclusion on Clear Smiles Convenience

As we continue to evolve with the rising demands of convenience we are finding new ways to achieve the same result for our patients; healthier and more beautiful smiles.

It’s all about making informed decisions about your teeth and as a specialist orthodontist on the Gold Coast and leading provider of Invisalign* Clear Aligners we can show you just how convenient treatment with us can be!

*This product is not available for purchase by the general public. Always follow the directions for use.