Confidence to smile

Teenage Invisalign and Braces Options

Getting things straight

Aged 12-17

It’s an ideal time to have orthodontic treatment as a teenager; newly erupted adult teeth are more easily influenced meaning Dr. Semaan can achieve great results and a perfect smile for teenagers.

Invisalign is modern, discreet and convenient

An advanced material and complete customisation combines excellently with Dr. Semaan’s attention to detail.

Clear Smiles provide teenagers with a more comfortable aligner designed to optimize time in treatment.

Woman opens mouth to put invisalign on her teeth

How much will Invisalign cost?

Help your teenager get their dream smile with Invisalign treatment from as low as $52 a week.

Interest-free, zero deposit payment plans on your terms.

Choose the most qualified Doctor

When it comes to crooked teeth, there is no doctor more qualified than an orthodontist.

Because Dr. Semaan can treat a broad scope of clinical conditions – addressing both bite and alignment of teeth – your teen is offered so much more than just Invisalign treatment.

18 years of experience

700+ reviews

over 5000 new smiles

Illustration of adult braces

Braces for teenagers and kids

Since braces are glued to the teeth, they are always in and always working.

Dr. Semaan has undergone further training to provide cutting edge robotically engineered, 100% customised brackets and wires for teenage braces.