Infographic showing remote dental monitoring being a central part of the treatment process

the freedom of virtual dental appointments

While Invisalign* treatment plans are easy to follow, you will never be on your own.

*This product is not available for purchase by the general public. Always follow the directions for use.

Conveniently guided

Patients are notified to capture their treatment progress, via a quick oral scan. These scans are monitored and reviewed through every aligner changeover, ensuring your Invisalign treatment progresses exactly the way Dr. Semaan designed it to. Remote dental monitoring ultimately eliminates the need for ongoing in-clinic appointments. 

How Remote Dental Monitoring works

Powered by advanced artificial intelligence software, all scans are analysed first by the innovative technology that dentists and orthodontists choose to use World wide. Dr. Semaan is an advisory clinician for Dental Mind and has pioneered some of the identification protocols now used internationally.  

Each scan is passed through a series of tests that trigger certain actions. All alerts are supervised by Dr. Semaan who can then respond quicker than ever before.

Why dental monitoring works

Prior to the use of remote dental monitoring, a typical patient’s treatment would be observed every 4-6 weeks. Now, with remote dental monitoring, Dr. Semaan sees the success of treatment progression every 4-7 days. With more frequent Invisalign checks, processed from the comfort and convenience of anywhere, patients get the go-ahead to switch through Invisalign sets sooner. More scans, more movement, faster results.
Illustration of remote dental monitoring scan box
Scan Box Pro

Freedom in a box

Remote dental monitoring allows Clear Smiles patients to work, travel, play, and enjoy life… all whilst having more efficient orthodontic treatment.