What is Orthodontic relapse?

Orthodontic relapse is defined as the tendency for teeth to return to their pre‐treatment position, and this occurs especially in lower front teeth (lower canines and lower incisors) (Yu et al., 2013).

Why is it important?

10 years after the completion of orthodontic treatment, only 30% to 50% of orthodontic patients effectively retain the satisfactory alignment initially obtained. After 20 years, satisfactory alignment reduces to 10% (2013).

The result:

Today retention, to maintain the position of corrected teeth, has become one of the most important phases of orthodontic treatment.

Our Intervention:

Dr. Semaan already takes retention seriously;

Clear Smiles Orthodontics has now begun a conversation around an intervention strategy that provides a guidance program for patients who have already completed orthodontic treatment. Termed the ‘Clear Protect Club’ and described as a post treatment monitoring and guidance program designed to maintain the investment made into your smile, for life. The idea is to be proactive in response to orthodontic relapse rather than reactive.

Teeth are constantly shifting, and even with a bonded lingual wire, if patients don’t wear their issued clear retainers as prescribed, teeth will start to shift back towards their original position eventually.

If this happens, Clear Smiles patient’s smiles (and the confidence it comes with) will change and that would be a real shame. The good news is this is now largely preventable.

Dr Semaan wanted to offer his patients a solution to ensure their beautiful smiles remain. The Clear Protect Club is a program offering patients who have completed treatment a convenient and affordable way to access orthodontic care and guidance as and when needed, to maximise treatment results. We can work with you, after your treatment ends, to monitor and maintain your smile, and even better, it can be achieved, in most cases, from the comfort of your own home.


Orthodontic relapse is statistically going to affect most of Clear Smiles Orthodontics patients. With industry leading techniques, as discussed, in the YouTube video above, Clear Smiles and Dr. Semaan show they already take the importance of retention seriously. What is now evident is the measures Clear Smiles Orthodontics is now taking, with their Clear Protect Club program, that ultimately aims to be proactive in response to orthodontic relapse rather than reactive. With Dr. Semaan you now have the option accessing post-treatment guidance to help maintain your investment into your smile!


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