While braces still continue to be the popular choice for many people who wish to straighten their teeth due to the availability of them and their tried-and-tested effectiveness, things are changing. With traditional metal braces, they offer a great solution to crooked teeth and complicated bite issues, but people hold off from getting them for many reasons. Some of these include the way they alter the physical appearance of a person, the restrictive nature of braces, and how uncomfortable it feels to wear them. 

Nowadays, people who need dental interventions have the choice of clear aligners instead of the traditional braces that have been used for decades. Clear aligners have become a popular option for people, and here are four problems that this new technology solves from its older counterpart:

They Remove Excess Restrictions And Hassles

Braces come with certain restrictions, such as limiting the options of food you can eat and the excess care needed to clean your teeth after a meal in order to keep oral health up to spec. You can’t bite into foods like apples or chew gum and caramel candy because of how they may damage the links on your braces. The need for special tools also makes caring for your teeth a hassle, especially after long days when all you want to do is rest. 

Clear aligners solves all these because the aligners are removable anytime, so when you eat, you can pop them off and on again right after. They are very easy to clean as well, so no need for special tools to keep them in good shape. 

They Help With Self-Esteem Issues

Braces alter the looks of anyone wearing them, which makes people hesitant to invest in their smile using metal braces. Most young people are very conscious about their appearance and often have self-esteem issues, which wearing braces exacerbate. Knowing that people will not be able to see the tool that straightens your teeth will make you want to smile more, which is why clear aligners are such a great alternative. While the initial stages may not look as good, your smile over time will improve, and wearing the aligners can make smiling feel extremely good and confident. 

They Reduce Pains And Discomforts

The inside of your mouth includes many thin and soft tissues, such as your lips and inner cheeks. Some instances including bumping your face or playing sports can cause cuts that will make you bleed due to the wires and brackets of traditional metal braces. These are painful especially during the healing process, and will definitely affect you throughout the day and while you eat. Additionally, the tightening process of braces can cause discomfort for days until the teeth settle and get used to the adjustments. 

Clear aligners comes in a series of trays that are gradually changed every couple of days to weeks, which are adjusted subtly and gently to avoid excess pains due to teeth repositioning. 

You’ll Be Waiting Less For Treatment To End

There is no doubt that people get turned off by getting their teeth straightened by braces because of the time they will need to wear them. Braces can be kept on by your dentist for years on end, and that means years of utter discomfort. Unlike clear aligners, these may only be on for about a year or even less! They could be gone in no time, so it is definitely worth the investment for a comfortable journey to straight teeth. 


With all the benefits of clear aligners, why would you settle for years of wearing uncomfortable, sharp pieces of metal in your mouth? This new technology has been studied for years. This is not to say that traditional braces do not work. In fact, the traditional models are the tried-and-tested ones. If you want a new way to treat your crooked smile, consider clear aligner for a new-age look and feel to it. 

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