LightForce™ 3D braces

Clear Smiles Orthodontics has always offered the very latest and best in orthodontic treatment. As our name suggests we offer the most discreet and invisible options possible and are thrilled to offer you LightForce™ braces – world first, revolutionary fully customised clear braces for every tooth!

Schedule a no obligation orthodontic consultation with Dr. Semaan, our Specialist Orthodontist, and uncover how LightForce™ 3D braces could transform your smile.

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What are LightForce™ braces?

LightForce™ revolutionises orthodontic treatment with its fully customisable, 3D-printed bracket system, offering enhanced efficiency, comfort, and discretion compared to traditional braces.

Utilising cutting-edge 3D technology, each bracket is tailored to fit precisely to your unique smile, providing Dr. Semaan with unparalleled control over your treatment. 

How does LightForce™ treatment work?

The LightForce™ treatment process begins with a FREE 3D scan capturing a digital model of your teeth and bite. This allows Dr Semaan to then create a fully customised treatment plan.

So how are Lightforce braces any different or better than ordinary braces? Yes, in every way. 

For the first time ever each brace can be made from metal-free ceramic and can be tooth coloured. This was never possible before, thus making Lightforce braces are the world’s most cosmetic braces ever!

How does LightForce™ treatment work?

Secondly, all other brace systems are made based on average tooth sizes, average tooth shapes, average people and average angles of a certain group of people. 

No two people have the exact same arrangement of teeth and each tooth has unique surfaces contours. As a result, the orthodontist has to make up for those differences by making several adjustments and guess where to put the brace on the tooth, guess how much to adjust the wire, and guess how much extra glue was needed to make up for the gaps between your unique tooth surface and the average fit.

Imagine wearing glasses made for the average eye prescription. Things wouldn’t be very clear and you’d be guessing what you’re seeing. Or imagine wearing clothes made for the average person? They’d be uncomfortable at best and worst case not even fit at all. 

Gone is the guesswork. Now you have the chance to have braces tailor-made just for you because you are unique and you’re important enough to have braces made just for you by Dr Steven Semaan.

How does LightForce™ treatment work?

Lightforce braces are designed by Dr Semaan to uniquely fit your unique tooth surface contours so that when they are glued on they fit better than any other kind of brace system available around the world could fit. Why is this helpful you might ask? Because if it fits accurately to your tooth, and also the brace is positioned ideally to move the tooth to the straightest position possible. This results in the tooth moving in an ideal pathway to the best position and moving there in the shortest possible time frame due to the guess work being eliminated. This results in straighter teeth sooner and with significantly fewer appointments as the adjustments for errors with average braces are virtually eliminated. 

Once Dr Semaan has finalised the design of your tailor-made tooth coloured braces they are then 3D printed in the US and shipped to our office. We are now ready to place them on your teeth in their exact locations designed by Dr Semaan using clear and comfortable miniature trays and you’re on your way to that amazing smile

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5 Benefits

of LightForce™ Treatment

  • Discreet: LightForce™ is a 3D printed translucent bracket to make treatment less visible.
  • Convenient: Treatment with LightForce™ braces requires fewer adjustments which saves you time!
  • Efficient: Your treatment, planned with computer technology, is swiftly customised for your smile goals with exceptional accuracy
  • Versatile: LightForce™ braces are a wonderful option for all ages and all treatments from simple to complex.
  • Affordable: It’s easy to fit LightForce™ treatment into your budget with our flexible monthly payment plans.

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