LightForce™ 3D braces

We are thrilled to introduce LightForce™ braces, the revolutionary fully customised brace system, to our practice.

Schedule a no obligation orthodontic consultation with Dr. Semaan, our Specialist Orthodontist, and uncover how LightForce™ 3D braces could transform your smile.

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What are LightForce™ braces?

LightForce™ revolutionizes orthodontic treatment with its fully customisable, 3D-printed bracket system, offering enhanced efficiency, comfort, and discretion compared to traditional braces.

Utilising cutting-edge 3D technology, each bracket is tailored to fit precisely to your unique smile, providing Dr. Semaan with unparalleled control over your treatment. 

How does LightForce™ treatment work?

LightForce™ treatment mirrors traditional metal braces by utilising brackets, metal archwires, and elastics to align teeth through precise adjustments.

Our process begins with a 3D scanner capturing a digital model of your smile, allowing for a fully customised treatment plan. We then 3D print brackets tailored to your specific needs.

With fewer adjustment appointments necessary, LightForce™ brackets offer expedited results in achieving your dream smile!

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5 Benefits

of LightForce™ Treatment

  • Discreet: LightForce™ is a 3D printed translucent bracket to make treatment less viable.

  • Convenient: Treatment with LightForce™ braces requires fewer adjustments which saves you time!

  • Efficient: Your treatment, planned with computer technology, is swiftly customized for your smile goals with exceptional accuracy

  • Versatile: LightForce™ braces are a wonderful option for all ages and all treatments from simple to complex.

  • Affordable: It’s easy to fit LightForce™ treatment into your budget with our flexible monthly payment plans.

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