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Fast treatment options

If you’re an adult wanting orthodontic treatment, you may be put off by the thought of having to wear braces for up to two years, or even just having to wear braces at all! 

The good news is, here at Clear Smiles Orthodontics we use discreet treatment methods, like Invisalign, to straighten teeth. What's more, using Invisalign’s aligners, we can correct minor orthodontic problems in as little as three months. 

Invisalign aligners are a registered medical device, you should always read and follow the label and the instructions of your treating orthodontist.

How does Invisalign straighten teeth quickly?

We see many patients with wonderful smiles, but while their smile may look great to those around them, many of our patients aren’t completely happy with how their teeth look. For some, it may be a crooked front tooth or for others they may have noticed their teeth are moving out of alignment despite having braces earlier in their life. 

In these cases, long-term braces aren’t usually required; instead just a ‘quick fix’ that will last a lifetime can do the trick. 

Fast braces

Invisalign Express

If all you need is minor tooth correction, then Invisalign Express treatment is likely to be the treatment we recommend for you.

    Invisalign Express can correct those minor imperfections of your smile in as little as three to six months.

Fast braces

How do I know if fast braces are for me?

Fast braces are a great option for patients who may have a big day coming up (think wedding smiles!) and want to ensure their teeth are perfect for photos. They’re also ideal for professionals who want to improve their appearance when speaking or presenting to clients. 

Not all cases will be rectified with fast treatment, but if you have a minor concern about your teeth, book a consultation with us today and we can talk through your options with you.

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Fast braces