Clear Smiles Orthodontics Invisalign Guarantee for Teens

Not sure whether your teen should have braces or Invisalign? Don’t worry we got you covered both ways.

Our Invisalign Guarantee

Make the Clear Choice: Start with Invisalign and experience the freedom of clear aligners.

We Promise Results: If Invisalign isn’t delivering the desired results, we’ll switch your teen to metal braces at no extra cost!

No Questions Asked: Your satisfaction is our priority. If you or your teen aren’t satisfied, neither are we.

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Why Clear Smiles?

Unparalleled Expertise

Dr. Steven Semaan has transformed the smiles of over 6000 Australians making him the most experienced Invisalign provider in the country! There is no mouth too crowded or bite issue he hasn't treated using Invisalign aligners.

Stay Connected with Ease

Experience the future of orthodontics with our cutting-edge remote monitoring tech, a pioneering service we've offered since 2017. Weekly progress updates from your cozy couch mean fewer in-office visits, rapid communication, faster treatment, and ultimate peace of mind.

Superior Comfort and Safety

Experience unmatched comfort with our expertise in digital intra-oral scanners. No more icky, sticky impressions! Plus, our on-site one-step 3D X-ray technology is conveniently positioned and emits lower radiation levels compared to traditional 2-D X-rays that may require two separate scans.

Same-Day Smiles:

Our on-site lab is a game-changer! We can whip up your orthodontic retainers and mouthguards on the same day. No more waiting around –ensuring your smile's needs are met with speed and precision.

Feedback from our amazing patients

The clear smiles team are very hard working, kind and gentle orthodontists who fixed my very severe over bite and crooked teeth in less than 2 years. Very grateful of the work they put in to help my mouth.


Extremely friendly and professional. Highly qualified orthodontist and staff. Been a wonderful experience all the way through. Always made to feel like part of the family and I’m extremely impressed with my new smile.


Clear Smiles did an amazing job correcting my bite and monitoring my progress all the way through. Both Dr. Semaan and all the staff were lovely.


Terms and Conditions

1. Must NOT be no more than 90 days since your Invisalign treatment started by Clear Smiles Orthodontics otherwise this offer is null and void.
2. Dr Semaan must be notified face to face by the patient of the request to switch to braces and signed consent by at least one parent/guardian to do so.

3. If you switch to braces and don’t like braces you can switch back to Invisalign if you wish however fees and charges will apply and will be calculated at the time based on how crooked the teeth are.