If you wore braces as a teen, you know the sheer joy that comes from completing your course. Once your orthodontist finally removes your braces, you might think you’re in the clear. However, your straight teeth might still get crooked in five to ten years. The position of teeth change and shift naturally as people age. Here are some reasons these changes happen:

You did not regularly wear your retainers 

The most common reason that teeth shift is that the patient did not follow through with wearing their retainers. To prevent your teeth from moving, you have to wear and care for your retainers precisely how your orthodontist says you should.

If you were not able to do this, your teeth would likely move back to their natural positions. This situation will cause them to appear more crooked over time.

You are growing your wisdom tooth

A growing ache in the back of your jaw or a persistent tenderness in that area may be a sign that you’re about to have a wisdom tooth. If you are experiencing this, you should head to a dentist to have your teeth assessed.

Sometimes, people do not have enough room for a wisdom tooth to erupt. In situations like these, it might crowd your rows and cause the teeth to appear crooked over time.

You have developed bad oral habits

Bruxism or chronic grinding can put pressure on the gums and teeth. It makes your teeth shift their position. Stress exacerbates this condition; you might not notice it, but you clench and grind your jaw when you are feeling tense.

If this is the case for you, your dentist could provide you with an orthodontic device that helps with this. You can fit this device over your teeth, and it helps protect them from damage.

Why you should go for Clear Aligner treatment

People who had had braces when they were younger but whose teeth have shifted a bit since then could benefit from Clear Aligner treatment. These clear teeth retainers are a discreet way to straighten mild to moderate shifts in the alignment of teeth.

Shorter treatment time than braces

You need to wear metal braces for a longer time than Invisalign clear aligners, generally. Your treatment plan may only be from 12 to 18 months, especially if you only need minor straightening.

Furthermore, with braces, you need to see your orthodontist every month. They have to assess progress, straighten the wires, change the rubber bands, and more. With cheap clear teeth retainers, you only need to see your specialist every six to eight weeks.

More discreet and convenient

These aligners are not as visible as metal braces. They won’t be the first thing people see about you. Furthermore, you can remove clear aligners quickly. That makes it easy for you to brush your teeth and maintain your oral hygiene.

Step by step, little movements managed by the changes in your clear aligner trays will shift your teeth together. It will let you transform your smile without having to see your orthodontist every time you need a new aligner.

Less painful than traditional braces

There will be some pain, especially at the start of your clear aligner treatment. It is normal; the discomfort disappears within 24 hours to a couple of days. In contrast, you need a few weeks to get used to traditional metal braces.


Clear aligner treatments can be more convenient, less painful, and more comfortable compared to traditional metal braces.

Choose Clear Smiles Orthodontics for your clear aligner treatments. We are an Invisalign* treatment provider on the Gold Coast. Set an appointment with our dedicated orthodontic care team today for more information!

*This product is not available for purchase by the general public. Always follow the directions for use.

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