DO wear your aligners as prescribed by Dr Semaan for a minimum 22 hours per day

DO use your chewies as instructed to ensure optimal aligner fit

DO access your current patient resources available on our website 

DO try changing your aligners at night, just before going to bed. That way your aligners can settle overnight and be much more comfortable in the morning. 

DO NOT skip ahead to a new set of aligners without approval through your dental monitoring app

DO NOT soak your aligners in mouthwash as these products can damage the surface of the aligner

DO NOT drink anything other than cold water when wearing your aligners

DO NOT eat with your aligners in

DO NOT bite your aligners into position as you risk damaging them.

DO NOT use any sharp objects to remove your aligners

DO NOT assume that once you reach the end of your series that your treatment plan is complete. In many cases, we will order more aligners for final tweaks to get the smile just right DO NOT throw away any of your aligners