We want to keep your teeth straight and retention is the only way. There are a number of variables that determine whether this is an urgent situation or not. For example, if you have recently finished your Invisalign aligner treatment or had your braces have recently been removed, there is a greater chance that the teeth will shift and move if a retainer is not replaced relatively quickly. Also, certain types of tooth movements may have a greater tendency for relapse than others. For example, a space between the upper front teeth may have a greater tendency to reopen in some patients, so it may be important to replace the retainer sooner. If a patient has been out of braces for a long period of time, and the teeth are in a relatively stable position, the chance of significant shifting may be low.

If you’re a part of the Clear Protect Club simply place an order for a replacement at no cost by contacting the office. All others know that an additional cost may be incurred for a replacement clear retainer.