Exploring Invisalign Aligner Myths—And Debunking Them!

Exploring Invisalign Aligners Myths

Straightening your teeth has always appeared to have been a difficult venture—braces can be quite painful and difficult to manage. Metal braces, in particular, comes with its own set of drawbacks, including the development of canker sores, the risk of ruining the carefully placed metal, and of course, being unable to enjoy a variety of dishes. That being said, a mouth subjected to a full set of metal braces may not be your ideal blueprint towards an attractive, healthy smile. Recent developments in the dental industry have given you an alternative, however—Invisalign aligners!

Unfortunately, Invisalign aligner treatment has garnered mixed reactions over the years, which has prompted myths to fester. Many questions currently surround this specific treatment option, and if you wish to explore Invisalign aligners treatment, it’s time to separate fiction from fact:

Myth #1: Age matters

Invisalign first aligners offers a clear aligners solution from as early as 6 years old, allowing for a perfect smile to develop before it goes off course. Patients well above their sixties are also welcome to discover their treatment options with Invisalign aligners, with success stories reported from all over the world. In essence, Invisalign treatment knows no age and boundaries, and achieving that perfect smile is never too late or too early to do. 

Myth #2: Aligners are More demanding than braces

Contrary to popular belief, the amount of time needed for Invisalign Aligners to work is on average the same required by braces. Your teeth move at the same pace, regardless of treatment. However, the convenience of Invisalign aligners treatment at Clear Smiles Orthodontics, means patients can actually progress faster through treatment than compared to patients in braces- all thanks to our remote monitoring service. The period needed to achieve that perfect smile is inherently dependent on your genetic makeup—some people end up succeeding quickly more than others, and vice versa. 

Myth #3: Aligners Cannot treat complex mouth issues 

With Dr. Semaan’s experience using the Invisalign system, there’s not often a case he can’t treat with Invisalign aligners. Simple or complex, expect Invisalign to correct your dental problems with the experience of Dr. Semaan behind them. Keep in mind that the world of dentistry constantly evolves, meaning that treatments also dramatically change. If you weren’t fit to be a candidate 10 years ago, chances are your luck has changed—time to rediscover your treatment options maybe?

Myth #4: Aligners are Absent of discomfort 

As with every other form of orthodontics, Invisalign aligners treatment can cause slight discomfort. While the physical pain brought about by metal braces is different, expect to feel some level of discomfort, but very rarely would we go so far to label this pain. Your teeth are shifting, after all, thereby causing some sort of irritation. Moving your teeth is not natural, so expect minor discomfort that lasts no longer than a couple of days.

Myth #5: Aligners are Not covered by health insurance 

While basic health insurance policies have historically rarely covered much of modern orthodontics procedures, it always pays to check with your provider- and check your level of cover (we can help with this too at your initial consultation and supply Dr Semaan’s health provider number). There’s always a chance of it being covered, so don’t let the possible costs of the treatment deter you from achieving that perfect smile. If your treatment isn’t covered, look into working a financial plan with us. If your treatment is covered, also look into working a financial plan with us. After all, it’s interest free repayments that help make your new smile affordable.

Achieving A perfect Smile For Life with aligners

Invisalign aligners treatment may be teeming with mixed reviews and information, but a little knowledge goes a long way. Now that we’ve debunked the myths surrounding the treatment, you can now bask in the joy of knowing that Invisalign works. No matter what age, financial situation, and other possible factors, achieving the smile you’ve always dreamed of is indeed plausible.

As you take a step towards a healthier and more beautiful smile, know that countless options are available for you. With that being said, discover the best solutions with Clear Smiles Orthodontics! We are the premier Invisalign provider on the Gold Coast, helping you arrive at a well-informed decision about your teeth. Discover a flexible payment option for you and face the world with a confident perfect smile! Book a free consultation today!

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