5 Considerations About Early Dental Care for Children

Early Dental Care for Children

Early dental care for children is about having a consistent care for your oral health as this can play a huge role in a quality of life no matter what your age. Its importance should, ideally, be instilled at an early age, and many experts recommend that children as young as 12 months should start seeing a dentist.

There are several reasons that starting kids early with dental care is recommended. Besides maintaining excellent oral and dental health, kids can become less anxious about dental visits, understand the importance of good dental hygiene, and develop a sense of responsibility when it comes to taking care of their teeth.

If you are a parent caring for young kids, here are other things you should know about dental care for children:

1. The role of a paediatrician in early Dental Care For Children

Paediatrician’s are specialists who diagnose, treat and provide medical care for babies, children and teenagers. They do not only cater to your child’s primary care. They also provide your child with early dental care as soon as they are nine months old. Most paediatricians give children a protective fluoride varnish to avoid tooth decay. Besides that, you can also ask them for the best dentist referrals for your child’s dental care in the near future.

2. Early dental care for children can benefit Everyone in the long run

Children can experience tooth decay and discolouration as soon as their first baby tooth erupts. For this reason, it would be best to help your child practice early oral and dental care. Apart from preventing tooth decay, it will also minimise the chances of developing a cavity that might require surgery- an expense exercise for any parent. Besides, a child going into an operating room can be as traumatic as anything, so you’d be best off getting to know your local trusted dentist earlier rather than later. 

3. Early visits to dental clinics can build children's trust and comfort

Some adults are afraid of visiting dental clinics, knowing that some dental procedures can be painful. Exposing your child to the environment inside a dental clinic will help them become comfortable about receiving dental care in the long run. It also helps them become more trusting of dentists, making them less fearful of regular checkups and procedures.

4. Parents should monitor their child’s dental care

As a parent, it is your primary responsibility to care for your child’s dental and oral health. Once they are six months old, you should start brushing their teeth using fluoridated toothpaste. Aside from that, you should teach your child not to consume sugary foods and drinks right before sleeping, as this will make them more prone to getting tooth cavities.

5. Your kid should have dental insurance as well

Dental insurance should be one of the priorities of any family, including children. Most people don’t realize that their dental health is necessary, as this can significantly affect their overall wellbeing. For this reason, you should get your child a dental plan once their first tooth erupts to protect their health.

Conclusion on early dental care for children

Just like any other need, excellent dental care is something that every child should have. It protects them from dental issues and encourages them to practice good dental hygiene as they grow older. When you give your child dental care at an early age, you help them become responsible for their health and wellbeing.

If you’ve enacted any of the above you’d also understand the importance of seeing an orthodontist early with your child too. If not, as a dental specialist, Dr. Semaan can provide his expertise on your child’s oral health from the age of 7 and even recommend a good dentist near you. For orthodontic treatment for kids, contact us today. From the initial consultation, all the way to guaranteeing your child’s teeth stay straight for life, our dedicated orthodontic care team is ready to help you make the best decisions about your child’s dental health.

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