Remote Monitoring Start

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Step 1

Understanding your Dental Monitoring app

Learn to navigate your dental monitoring mobile application by watching our Dental Monitoring app start guide video.

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Step 2

Taking your first scan

Follow the steps given in our Dental Monitoring Start flowchart to begin your scan sequences.

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Your next steps

  1. Ensure your notifications are switched on so you can receive our instructions following your scan
  2. Do not move into new aligners until you have been told by the app to do so. Allow up to 12 hours to receive instructions.
  3. You will be prompted on the day your next scan is due
  4. Take your scans as early as possible to help accelerate your progress

Frequently Asked Questions

A dedicated dental monitoring team member typically acts as the liaison between you and Dr Semaan, who periodically reviews each case as and when needed. If you have any concerns about your treatment, reach out through your dental monitoring app and we’ll get the answers you need, or alternatively if you want to speak to Dr Semaan directly we can arrange that also, just contact our office on 07 5593 3733 or

The results instructing whether whether you should change your aligners or keep the current ones, is sent within 12 hours

Here’s how we break it down to keep it simple for you: You scan your current aligners that you have been wearing for the days leading up to the scan.Once you complete and submit the scan you are required to wear that same set until prompted by the app.

  • You scan the aligner set you’ve been wearing

  • You keep the same aligner set in until notified by the app

  • You’ll either be prompted to move on or stay 

No, you can’t change the frequency of your scans. This has been purposely set by Dr Semaan to ensure your treatment progresses exactly the way he designed it to. For some patients this means taking a scan every 4 days and others every 7 as required.

If your scan is rejected – don’t worry, this can happen – you will receive explanations as to why and tips to make sure your next scan is successful!

When a new scan is required, you will receive a notification directly on your App. Just press the “Take Scan” button to proceed.

A No-Go is an instruction you receive following a submitted scan. In every case you receive a No-Go instruction an explanation is given.

You username is the email address you received the initial dental monitoring set up email to. Put your email address into the login screen and select ‘Forgot password.’ Should a password reset email fail to reach your inbox or your username is incorrect, contact the office on 07 5593 3733 or to enable us to get you back up and running.