Orthodontics and straightening teeth have come a long way in the past decade or so. While many dentist and orthodontists on the Gold Coast still use 1980s technology, we are committed to using the very latest in technology to ensure not only that your orthodontic experience at Clear Smiles is a good one, but your smile at the end is amazing.

One orthodontic technology to be growing on the Gold Coast is invisalign or invisible braces. This orthodontic appliance uses a series of virtually invisible clear aligners to gradually straighten your teeth. You wear each invisible braces aligner for approximately two weeks before inserting a new aligner and your teeth gradually move into the pre-designed position.

Our orthodontic clinic in Robina is seeing more and more patients choosing invisalign or invisible braces to straighten their teeth and correct their bites. The process starts by visiting with our teeth and orthodontist in Robina. Your treatment coordinator will take some photos and x-rays to allow the Orthodontist Dr Semaan to give you a comprehensive diagnosis. The orthodontist will give you a number of options for your orthodontic treatment and whether you are a good candidate for invisalign or invisible braces.

Dr Semaan is the most experienced orthodontist on the Gold Coast using Invisalign and can therefore treat cases with invisalign that others cannot. If you are a candidate, and most are, you will them have a 3D scan impression of your mouth. This involves using our state-of-the-art scanners to take a 3D digital scan of your mouth which will enable you to see what your teeth will look like after orthodontic treatment even before it begins.

The Orthodontist then uses the latest software technology to custom design your smile to suit your facial structure and facial anatomy. This custom orthodontic treatment plan is sent from our office in Robina to Invisalign headquarters where the aligners are manufactured.

Each of the aligners of your invisible braces is a bit different from the one before. There are usually a total of between 20 and 30 of the aligners. They are used in sequential order. As each aligner is used, the invisible braces slowly make changes to the mouth.

If adjustments need to be made to the invisible braces, they would be made to the aligners. With traditional braces, the changes would need to be made in the mouth, and that can be quite painful. With invisible braces, there is no such pain or discomfort, because the changes are made directly to the aligners.

A typical course of treatment using invisible braces is between 12-18 months. The results are just as dramatic as with traditional braces.

If you are unhappy with your smile, book a free consultation with specialist orthodontist Dr Steven Semaan in Robina today and discuss what orthodontic options would be suitable for you.