Adults often complain that their bottom teeth are starting to crowd, even if their teeth have been relatively straight for most of their lives. This is also the case with people who have had orthodontic treatment but have not been fully compliant with their retention program and their teeth have started to crowd again.

It is commonly recognised in the orthodontic sector that late mandibular incisor crowding is considered a normal part of aging. This a fancy way of saying your front teeth will crowd with age. The research shows that approximately two-thirds of people with a good bite will develop crowding in early adulthood. The bad news is that if you have pretty straight teeth, they probably aren’t going to stay that way and they will get more crowded with age.

Why? This crowding with age is particularly prevalent with women because as we age, the lip muscle shortens, causing the arch of the bottom jaw to narrow and teeth to move forward and crowd. It is also a result of grinding, clenching and even your genetic makeup.  The good news is there is a solution. You can have your teeth straightened with braces or Invisalign and then kept straight permanently with an effective retention program.

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