iTero 3D scanning

It might interest you to know that Clear Smiles Orthodontics was the first orthodontic office on the Gold Coast to use an iTero 3D scanner. The iTero 3D Scanner digitally captures the contours of your teeth and gingival structures, producing an accurate orthodontic scan in just minutes.  And the best part – No Impressions!  Trust us….it’s pretty cool.

So why do we need a scan for braces or invisalign?

All of our patients start their journey with braces or invisalign with a 3D tooth scan. This gives us a digital impression of the teeth which the specialist uses to custom design each patient’s smile. So the orthodontist is able to plan the movement of each tooth and predict the bite and estimate the treatment time with greater accuracy. The scan and plan allows the orthodontist to measure to the 1/10 of a milimetre, which is pretty small. It also means the orthodontist can determine if extractions are needed or not by running test simulations on the computer, rather than taking teeth out as a matter of course.

Benefits of Digital Scanning:

  • Eliminates regular alginate impressions and the gaggaing ofen associated by such impressions.
  • Superior accuracy.
  • Immediate onscreen visualisation.
  • Increases patient comfort.
  • Allows great flexibility and accurancy for the orthodontists’ planning.
  • Reduces need for tooth extractions.