You may hear on the radio or TV about these so-called “new”  cheap braces Gold Coast. But beware of cheap braces on the Gold Coast. These so called cheap braces options claim they can straighten teeth in months not years and can do it cheaper than regular braces or without orthodontic treatment at all. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

There is nothing new about the braces used in these so-called “fast-orthodontics” options. They are the same brackets and wires used in traditional orthodontics. The rate of tooth movement is limited by the natural processes in the bone and ligaments around the teeth and ALL doctors are limited by these biological rules. So if the rate of tooth movement is the same, how can they get the same result in a quicker time for less money?

The answer lies in the phrase “same result”? These providers are shooting for a different end result. Specialist orthodontists do not only align the front teeth but also correct crowding, protrusion, open bites, deep bites, over bites and cross bites etc. So the quick treatment option isn’t faster, it is just stopped before the treatment is completely finished. Just straightening teeth without treating the problems mentioned above may leave the smile worse than before and create bite problems that can negatively impact the health of your teeth and jaw and you will pay more in dental expenses and orthodontics to fix it up.

This is an excerpt from an actual quote from  a dentist offering cheap braces or fast braces. Notice the highlighted section – what will remain after treatment – some crowding, rotations, spacing…. does that sound like cheap braces that get straight teeth, or does that just sound like a cheap result? What are you paying for if you still have some crowding, rotations etc???

Fast Orthodontics highlight

These providers offering cheap braces do not have the necessary training or expertise to leave you with a beautiful smile and healthy bite. Orthodontists are specialists who undergo an additional 3 years of study and thousands of clinical hours of training. Does it make sense that a dentist who has undergone a two-day course can straighten your teeth faster and cheaper than a specialist? Obviously not!

You only get one set of teeth. Whomever you decide to go with, you should do your homework and make sure you get the right treatment the first time. It is a much smarter decision to go with a specialist, yes they cost more, but you can go on an interest free payment plan that will provide you with a much better result.