Post 3 - Health Insurance


Braces and private health aren’t usually things people know much about. Many people are surprised to learn that their private health does not fully cover the cost of braces or invisalign.  Orthodontics or braces is usually an optional extra that has an annual limit and a lifetime dollar value limit. Some thing to note are:

  1. Your yearly limit is the amount you receive from your health fund each year. This is usually based on the calendar year, not financial year.
  2. Your lifetime limit is the amount you receive over the lifetime of your membership. But keep in mind, if you change health funds the benefits you have already received for orthodontics, usually count toward your life time limit.
  3. In some instances, your Yearly limit for Orthodontics is combined with your yearly limit for Major Dental.

It is a good idea to discuss these options with your health fund before starting any orthodontics treatment. That way we can work with you to maximise your benefits over your treatment.

Call your health fund and ask them the following questions:

  1. What is my annual limit for orthodontics (Item code 881 for braces and Item code 825 x 2 for Invisalign)
  2. What is my lifetime limit?
  3. How is it paid out? Some funds pay out in full as soon as you spend your lifetime limit, but some will only pay your yearly limit each year you actually incur the expense.

Here at Clear Smiles Orthodontics, we do our best to make the cost of treatment as affordable as possible and all the financial side as simple as possible. We offer interest free  interest-free payment plans – there are no messy third party contracts to establish, simply an agreement between you and Clear Smiles Orthodontics to spread the cost of your treatment over a longer period of time.