For anyone who cares about their appearance, teeth can play a significant role in the way one feels about themselves. Although the primary function of teeth is to chew up food and make sure that the body gets the nutrition it needs, the set of chompers that you have play a crucial role in your appearance. At times, it can even be true more than you would expect. 

Given the importance of your teeth in the way you look, specific issues can easily hamper your confidence if they’re visible and persistent. Problems such as cavities, yellowing, and stains can significantly impact any smile and cause anyone to feel less comfortable each time they grin, which makes these issues essential to solve at any cost for some people.

Among all the different problems that pop up and affect the teeth (and confidence), there’s one issue that tends to have the most significant impact as opposed to all else: Crooked teeth.

How crooked teeth can hamper your smile

Much like scoliosis or rickets, crooked teeth are a type of misalignment in the body that takes place and hampers a normal human function because of the discomfort (or pain) that it brings. 

Although it may not be as painful as the two conditions mentioned above, crooked teeth are still something that can cause much anguish and discomfort because of how noticeable they can become, which affects your smile in the process. Unfortunately, this misalignment issue (malocclusion) is far more regular than most people ought it to be as it is quite rare to be born with perfectly straight teeth. 

Malocclusion is so common to the point that it warrants having a specialised field within the dental industry, made specifically to treat crooked teeth. When it comes to crooked teeth, there doesn’t exist a more qualified doctor than an orthodontist. Thankfully, for our patients, we have the expertise and experience of specialist orthodontist of Dr. Semaan.

What causes crooked teeth?

Generally, crooked teeth can be linked to a wide range of causes that affect the degree of realignment treatment that must be applied. Let’s go over the most common causes of crooked teeth in adults: 

Common cause of crooked teeth #1: Genetics

Among all the different reasons adults end up having crooked teeth, genetics takes up the most significant chunk out of all because of how commonplace it is.

If you’ve noticed that your parents, grandparents, or siblings have crooked teeth, then the chances are that you might suffer the same problem. Much like hair colour, skin colour, and height, crooked teeth are a genetic trait that can be present in all generations or skip some of them by one or two age groups.

The main reason genetics play such a crucial role in determining the alignment of your teeth is because it can affect the size and number of teeth you have, and the size of your jaw. As a result, all these factors levy a significant weight on how your teeth will develop and the direction they’ll grow towards or away from over time!

Common cause of Crooked teeth #2: Premature baby tooth loss

Another common cause of dental misalignment that shows up in Clear Smiles Orthodontic’s records more than anything else is the premature loss of baby teeth.

May it be because of a bad fall in the playground, too many sweets, accelerated decay, or natural loss, losing baby teeth too early can cause problems in alignment that will carry on later in life. The main reason premature baby tooth loss causes misalignment is that it causes unexpected or forced shifts that will cause the permanent tooth to move away from a normal position and grow in a crooked alignment. 

Is it possible to prevent and/or remedy crooked teeth?

Fortunately, modern orthodontics has evolved to the point where malocclusions in all shapes and forms, even in later stages of adulthood, can be treated with a variety of orthodontic appliances.

In particular, Dr. Steven Semaan and his team of orthodontic professionals at Clear Smiles Orthodontics advocate the use of Invisalign* clear aligners when handling crooked teeth in adulthood. The main reason Invisalign treatment is recommended is because it offers an easy, effective, and customised approach towards achieving desirable results!

Conclusion on Crooked Teeth

As an adult, dealing with crooked teeth can be an unpleasant experience because of how it affects the way you smile and eat while compromising your confidence as well. Fortunately, modern orthodontic care provides crucial insight into why such malocclusions happen and offer innovative solutions that can help restore your smile and make sure everything aligns appropriately!

Suffering from misaligned teeth no longer has to be a life sentence of agony even during your adulthood because we have the solutions that will effectively cater to your needs. Craft a better smile and develop a more confident you today by booking a free consultation with Dr. Steven Semaan and his dedicated orthodontic care team to receive the best adult orthodontic treatment in the Gold Coast!

*This product is not available for purchase by the general public. Always follow the directions for use.

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