Four Things You Should Know Before Your Invisalign Treatment At Clear Smiles

Having crooked teeth in your later years is a challenging and unappealing disadvantage to have. Choosing to wear braces now in the late stage of your life can feel awkward and make you look unprofessional, especially since braces are very noticeable when you interact and socialise with your peers. Invisalign treatment, on the other hand, is the solution to straightening your teeth without looking and feeling different.

Undergoing Invisalign treatment

Invisalign Clear Aligners are a unique technology that helps straighten your teeth in a faster and more comfortable way compared to traditional solutions like braces. With its clear plastic bracing, it allows you to look as if you’re not wearing anything at all.

In this article, we’ll share with you four important things to know about Invisalign before you receive an Invisalign treatment:

1. Lisping after the first few days of treatment is common

Similar to people wearing braces for the first time, having Invisalign aligners on will make it harder for you to form clear sentences. However, this is only a temporary effect of the aligners’ presence as your muscle memory will quickly get accustomed to it after a few days. Instead of avoiding conversations right after your treatment, it’s best for you to get comfortable with speaking right away so that you’ll be able to go over lisping faster.

2. Wearing your Invisalign aligners is not optional

One of the most attractive advantages of Invisalign aligners is that it’s easily removable, unlike braces. However, this doesn’t mean that wearing your aligners is an optional accessory. Most people confuse the easy-to-remove quality of it as an excuse only to wear it when they feel like it.

It’s recommended that people undergoing Invisalign treatment keep their aligners on for as much as twenty-two hours. Keeping them on for longer hours increases the effectiveness of the procedure, which makes the treatment itself shorter in the long run.

3. Protecting your Invisalign aligners from drinks is essential

Invisalign aligners are made of plastic which makes them susceptible to hot liquids, such as coffee. If you forget to remove your aligners before drinking hot liquids, your aligners are at risk of being melted or twisted, which distorts the pre-formed shape of your aligners.

Besides hot drinks, beverages such as wine and tea are also prone to staining your aligners due to their dark colour. These stains are hard to remove and may prove to be an awkward situation during casual conversation or formal events. Dr. Semaan, our expert, recommends that you avoid drinking these beverages if you’re not comfortable with removing and reattaching your aligners. This is why you should have less of these drinks and choose to drink cold beverages instead.

4. Cleaning your aligners regularly is part of the treatment

Maintaining your aligners is a necessary habit similar to watching what you eat with braces. Regularly cleaning your Invisalign aligners prevents your teeth from having a build-up of cavities that can cause bad breath.

You can ask Dr. Semaan about the right ways to clean your teeth for your aligners to ensure that you follow the treatment as best as you can.


When you are trying to determine whether or not Invisalign treatment is for you, you need to learn how to adapt to the new lifestyle throughout the treatment. The best way to get fast results is by being aware of what habits you need to learn and what practices you need to avoid.

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