3 Types Of Braces For The Perfect Smile

Teeth-straightening procedures are usually performed on younger individuals whose jaws have yet fully developed. However, people can undergo certain orthodontic treatments at almost any age.

Orthodontic procedures are sometimes required due to health-concerns. However, they are more commonly carried out for aesthetic purposes. After all, many people long for a perfect smile, and these types of treatments are great ways towards that.

With that said, the procedures you can expect to receive will depend on the condition of your mouth and teeth. For instance, if your mouth is in perfect health, you will have more treatment options compared to someone dealing with tooth decay or gum disease.

Nevertheless, if you are interested in straightening your teeth, here are the types of braces available:

1. Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces have evolved greatly in recent years. Today, they are more comfortable than how they were a decade ago. While not as unobtrusive as clear braces or aligners, they are a good option for most people.

The most significant benefit of metal braces is that they can address any orthodontic issues quickly and effectively. In other words, they give the orthodontic professional a high level of control required to not only straighten the teeth perfectly but do so in the shortest time possible.

2. Clear Braces

Clear braces work like metal braces. It involves the application of clear braces onto your teeth, similar to that of metal braces. However, the material used is transparent or made out of white ceramic to better conceal the braces.

The only difference between metal and clear braces is that clear braces are much more discreet. They are just as effective as metal braces but are better suited to people who want to conceal the dental appliance as the components are less visible.

3. Invisalign* Aligners

Invisalign aligners are dental appliances that you wear and swap out usually every couple of weeks or as deemed by the orthodontic expert. 

Invisalign aligners, like the other methods above, work well in straightening your teeth. However, the real reason people will opt for Invisalign Clear Aligners is the fact that they are virtually invisible. 

Rather than having brackets glued onto your teeth, you can easily wear and remove Invisalign aligners. Since clear aligners are made out of transparent material, they will be almost impossible to notice unless someone takes a close look at your teeth.

Since Invisalign aligners are removable, this type of treatment is more convenient when it comes to effective cleaning. You can remove them when you brush your teeth and eat. However, take note that you must wear them while you sleep.


While it is up to you to decide which of the above treatments is the right one for you, remember to consult with your orthodontist to make sure the decision you make is the one that will give you the best results.

The first step to a more beautiful set of teeth is knowing that there is always a treatment option available for you. If you’re interested in looking for orthodontic treatment on the Gold Coast, work with Dr. Steven Semaan today and book a free consultation to discuss your options.

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