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Gold Coast's multi-award-winning Clear Smile Orthodontics from as low as $38 a week

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Get the straight teeth you dream of with Gold Coast’s multi-award winning Clear Smiles Orthodontics.

multi-award winning
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Year on year leading Invisalign* treatment positions Doctor Semaan as the premier Invisalign* treatment provider on the Gold Coast. Look no further for straight teeth.

*This product is not available for purchase by the general public. Always follow the directions for use.

Interest Free, Zero Deposit payment plans

Get your dream smile from as low as $38 a week.

Remote dental monitoring

While Invisalign treatment plans are easy to follow, you will never be on your own.

Discover the freedom of virtual appointments. 

Photos At Home

An easy, free, and extremely accessible tool designed to give parents the chance to have a specialist see their child at the right time, and at no cost.

Custom Made Aligners

Discover a virtually invisible treatment for straighter teeth that is a more comfortable, cosmetic, and convenient alternative to braces. Most experienced Invisalign provider in Australia.

Fast Treatment

Power your way to a new smile at least 40% faster with our fast track device. Available to add to any Invisalign treatment. 2,3,4

Remote monitoring

Use remote dental monitoring to track your progress alongside Dr. Semaan with scans you take from your phone.

Invisalign patients

The results of orthodontic treatment varies from patient to patient. Your own treatment may differ from that described and shown here.

Your Orthodontist

When it comes to achieving straight teeth, there is no doctor more qualified than an Orthodontist.

18 years of experience

1000+ Google reviews

over 5000 new smiles

The Clear Smiles #InfluencerClub

We reward existing patients $100 for every 

person they refer for a consultation at Clear 

Smiles Orthodontics.

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